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3D Survey Data Import Error


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I have upgraded to Version 9.5.1 and I am now getting an error when I importing survey data. The error is as follows: "Error: Could not find NNA_DTM_Hidden_Record". I am sure it has nothing to do with memory allocation as I am not on a Mac, I am running WinXP with 256MB ram. Also, Version 9.5 imports the same file with no such error. Clean installed both Version 9.5 and 9.5.1 and I am still experiencing the same error under 9.5.1 as before. Survey file has large number of points 5,823 but imports and creates DTM in Version 9.5 OK but will not import to 9.5.1. Can you suggest why?

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The "NNA_Hidden_Record" is a component of the DTM subsystem. This record is created by the DTM command, but if your DTM fails while running, the record can be corrupted.

Start a new blank file and try to import your data again. You should be able to run the DTM successfully.

Unfortunately, this problem can arise in all versions of VectorWorks 9, but is less likely to happen in 9.5 and later.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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I have tried what you have suggested. To test your theory, I created a completely blank sheet the only classes being Dimension and None and one layer, no symbols - nothing. I even went to the trouble of purging the blank sheet just to make sure. I then import a 3d survey point data which consists of only four point records, but alas I still get the previously described error message. It must be 9.5.1 as version 9.5 doesn?t generate this error. Please validate my conclusion.

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Interesting... Can you send us the data file you are using via email? I'll go through the whole process and see what happens. If its a bug, I'll see what I can do about a wrokaround/fix.

It would be best if you sent the data file, and an example VectorWorks file where you are seeing the problem to tech@nemetschek.net.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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