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Door and Window Schedules with Project Sharing

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I'm wondering with the new Project Sharing feature, how does one work around the fact that Project file is unable to save updated worksheet?

My door schedules info disappear every time I open my project file (I have to recalculate the worksheet to see the info again). I would, with previous VW versions, reference my door schedules into another file for sheet layout. But now with the main file being VWXP file, I can't do that anymore.

I'm curious to see how others generate and display their door/window schedules.


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The simple answer - don't do that! Keep it all in one file (the idea of Project Sharing)

The long answer:

Because you can’t “recalculate” a worksheet that is being referenced through a design layer viewport, this particular workflow will not work.

There are two ways to approach this.

The first, which is the best solution, is to create your schedule sheet layout on a sheet layer in the same file that you are creating the door schedules in. This eliminates the need for referencing.

The second approach is the less desirable approach as it requires you to change from design layer viewport referencing to Layer Import referencing.

If you use Layer Import referencing and reference the design layer that contains the schedule as well as the layers that contain the door objects that are reported in the schedule, you will be able to recalculate the schedule. And you can place it in your layout as needed.

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