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Problems with Lofting in Marionette


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I am trying to write a script to loft a surface in Marionette from three NURBS curves. Basically, it pulls the curves from the drawing by name, groups them, and lofts them. The resultant surface is not what I want, nor what I get when lofting manually (see attached image and VW file.) I have tried rearranging the order of the NURBS curves grouping but it makes no difference. Any thoughts? [/img]

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When using the loft function there are some settings that can be setup, does your node use the same settings as when you do it manually by the provided tool?

Also, try to (if possible) to keep the number of vertexes between different profiles the same, as this can give some unwanted results. Also the order of vertexes and the direction of each poly can cause deformations.

From looking at your example file ( PDF is empty) I'd say it does loft in the correct order (which should be the order of the elements added to the group), but it flips the middle shape.

I'd suggest you first try this with 3 simplified shapes and do some trial and error :)

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