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How do you import/convert a TIN layer from a drawing file to a VW site model? We want to use Landmark to place symbols on the surface of the TIN/site model. We've tried with no success.

Or, how do you import/convert 3D polylines from a dwg file to a VW site model? The 3D polylines in the dwg file were converted to 2D polylines. Short of hand converting 2D polylines to 3D polylines individually, surely there must be a way to carry the 3D entities (contours) for conversion to a VW site model.

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Select all of the polylines, convert to 2d polygons. THis will give you a polygon group. Ungroup the group of polygons and each polyline will now be a polygon. You can then use the convert to 3d contours command to convert the 2d polygons to 3d polygons or 3d loci. You can then generate a site model once the 2d polygons are converted to either 3d polygons or 3d loci and have a z value set.

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