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Spotlight Template file

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This is striped down version of my template file for theater work. Templates save so much work!

I hope this will be of use to beginners looking for suggestions on how to set up starter file for themselves.

I guess I should explain some of my choices.

There is a locked 3D loci at the origin (0,0,0), which is plaster-line at center. So you can just look at the coordinates of an object an know where it is. The Loci makes a very useful reference point in 3D modeling.

Classes: A- for architectural elements. T- and T Anno- for theatrical elements. Because I often export to architects and engineers. They use this sort of naming to separate disciplines. "Anno" stands for annotations so text, dimensions and note like things go there. "Xref" (external reference) is mostly for PDFs that I am given to build my drawings from. I wish I could rename more of the VW default classes.

I use saved views for navigating the various classes and layers. Make more based on these as you go.

The Sections stuff is a bit weird. I don't like doing all my section annotations in sheet layers or as vertical 2D objects in layer mode. So I have a design layer with a "Clip Cube" cut section viewport. Then that goes to the sheet layer. This leaves 3 ways to see a section, and 3 saved views to get there. "Live" is the model with the Clip Cube where you can move things around. Design layer is for 2D work like annotation and details I don't want to model accurately. Sheet Layer is to see the hidden line or OpenGL rendered view as for printing. The major drawback is that sometimes you have to update the design layer viewport, then the sheet viewport.

I like to keep blank sheet layers of various page sizes so I can have my title blocks set. Then I just copy these sheets to make whatever I need next with almost no further effort. I've also been playing with putting Data Stamp object in the date field of title blocks. Since they always update on printing I know everything will be dated. In construction projects clients want a issue date with revisions. So then I have to go back and delete the data stamps and put the dates in manually. However, the Titleblock text worksheet makes that very easy.

I have a whole favorite file of worksheets. In this file I've added just a few of the most useful ones to show what worksheets can do.

I've also included my symbols for basic ETC fixtures. They are graphical by USITT standards and physically accurate.



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Hi Rick,


Just signed up for this site, searching for a spotlight template, and saw this post.

Is it correct I don't see the template file / a download link? Has it been removed?

If so would you please be so kind (if you are willing) to send me the template.

Would be very much appreciated.


Kind Regards,




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54 minutes ago, Dems said:

Is it correct I don't see the template file / a download link? Has it been removed?


Attachment restored. We recently transferred from an older forum and many of the items have to be brought over manually.

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