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Newbie to 3D needs HELP.

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THere has to be a simple explanation. One of you 3D architects will probably take one look and be able to tell me WHY my roof is flying HIGH!?#%$

Check out my screen dump here:


also, I can NOT figure out why it fails to render, only wireframe. I have set a pattern in the object info for shingles. . . what else to do?

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The wireframe is likely a result of the fill of the object being set to None.

The height is probably that the roof is on a layer that has already had its height adjusted to the correct value, then the roof was given a Z value of that same height, which is adding to the layers overall height and making your roof appear to be twice as high off the ground as it should be.

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Thanks Jim, That was an easy one, and you were correct, just had to select something other than none for fill. I forgot about that tool since I got used to playing with the resource browser and the rendering tools. . .

As to the flying roof. I don't understand what you are saying above. I was able to fix it on my own. . .

However, if you look at the two images here, you can see how I fixed it. Doing it this way appears contrary to what I UNDERSTOOD as to how the layers should be set up for delta Z and Z level(wall height & elevation). I chose Z level = zero(0) at the Main floor top. Maybe you can enlighten me where I have diverged from good practice!

I had to make the layers org like this in order to start the roof at the top of my wall(10' 5/8"):


and this layout, previous, forces the roof to "fly":


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