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Persistent callout width problem. SP4 did not fix.

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I was hoping SP4 would fix the "callout width" bug, but not so. Here's what's happening:

Before creating the callout, I adjust the settings to not retrieve notes from database and not to enter as keynote. I set the max width to 3". Then, as I'm about to make the first click to place the note, the dotted preview outline appears to be about the correct width. But when I finish creating the callout it is very very narrow. And each time it's a new random width but seems to always be less than 1/2". The default setting says it's supposed to be 3", but at least the object info palette tells me the actual created width. So I have to change the width for each callout by means of the object info palette.

Same on both of my Macs. I rebooted, but still no fix. Is this a known bug, or did I accidentally hit the RandomUnexplainedBehavior button?

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