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Holes in Objects

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2D holes:

Draw the object you wish to have a hole.

Draw the hole.

Select both.

Choose "Clip surface" from "Tools" menu.

Delete the hole object, if you no longer need it. You'll see that the hole was cut into your base object.

FYI, the hole must be on top of the object you wish to cut the hole into. If it isn't, (perhaps you want to draw the hole first), select the hole and choose "Send to Front" from the "Tools" menu.

3d Holes:

Model the object you wish to have a hole.

Model the hole, but make it extend beyond the boundaries of the base object a little.

Select both.

Choose "Subtract solids" from the "Modeling" menu.

When the dialog comes up make sure the base object is hightlighted.

Click OK.

A very handy feature of 3d holes is that you can edit there position/size at any time by using the "Edit Group" command from the "Organize" menu.

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