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Missing some keyboard shortcuts


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I'm using win98 on a Pentium III/1000Hz and I use VW 9.5.2. The trouble is that some shortcuts don't seem to work while others do. The ones affected are mostly those that use the combination control+(some letter), i.e. control+S, control+M. It's kind of annoying and it is slowing me down. Any suggestions please?

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If you notice a shortcut isn't working and you have the correct criteria selected, then you should remove the item from the workspace and then add it back via the workspace editor.

Of course a good thing to do first, is to select the criteria you wish to use the command on, go to the menu and see if that option is grayed out. If it is, then something you have selected, or lack there of is causing the shortcut to not work.

If the command is in gray, then you should try to remove the command from the workspace and add it back as I suggested above.

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