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Cannot import/replace a symbol

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As a amtter of routine, I import/replace sets of symbol definitions. One - NORTHARROW - refuses to be imported from any (scale-specific) library to any document. All other related symbols (TITLEBLOCK, REVISION, SCALEBAR, REFERENCE) come through just fine.

No 'referenced' symbols. Can be reproduced time and time again, in any file.


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Do you have a worksheet, script, or anything else like that as a resource listed in the file you are trying to import this symbol in ?If so, you will need to rename the other resource so you can import the symbol.

You cannot have more than one resource with the same name in any given VW file. This means you cannot have a texture and a symbol with the same name, a script and a symbol, etc.

When you try to import the symbol, what error message do you get?

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1. No. There is simply an older version of the symbol, with the same name. (Wrong scale.)

2. No error message. The symbol just won't be updated. Nothing gets imported, so there is no 'almost' the same name either.

Now, this is a VERY serious issue. In this case, I can delete the old definition and place new instances (only a few per file), but what if this happens with a symbol with hundreds or thousands of instances. Reliability is a key issue in CAD - and this certainly does not suggest that one could rely on VW.

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Did you say that you are trying to get this symbol from a referenced file?

Or does this file just stand on it's own and is available thru the resources palette?

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Is northarrow the only symbol you are having this problem ?

Are the other symbols you are importing (that are working) also symbol names you have in the drawing that are drawn at different scales?

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So far, northarrow is the only one that fails consistently, but I have a feeling that it happens every now and then.

When I import a different version of a symbol library (folder), I often only get asked 'Do you want to replace' a few times although the library can have 30 or 40 items. With the drawing items, so far all others have come through except northarrow, with others - well, I really can't tell for sure, but it would explain certain oddities in my drawings.

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All I can suggest is to send example files of this to tech@nemetschek.net and one of us will take a look at it. If you send it today and put it to my attn, then I'll take a look at it before I get outta here today. I am going on vacation (woohoo) on Thrusday, so anything after tomorrow might not get my attention until I return.

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