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Internal Gears

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I am working with the Machine Components Tool Set in Fundamentals/Architect VW 2011 and am working on a project that requires the use of internal gears. I love how many customizable machine component options there are but can't seem to find an internal gear tool when it seems like it really ought to be there. Any suggestions or links to 3D Internal gears?


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Welcome to the Forum Chad.

MD Tools? Bit of a Moot point i'm afraid.

First of all, please fill in the Blanks. Edit your profile to include in your signature your Machine(Mac/Wintel box) System OS 9.0/X, Windows(plus version) and the combination of VW bits and versions(Vectorworks/Renderworks/Artlantis) so that those answering know which of each of the above they are addressing.

Just makes things easier. :)

Explain "Exactly" what you are trying to create, purpose, accuracy so that someone who uses VW for this can reply more precisely.

Since Mechanical Design bit the dust back in v2010(i think) no advance or support exists for these functions. You have to make what you can of what you can get out of them.

There are however still a few ex Mechanical Design users still lurking in the sidelines so maybe there is still some one around that can help.

If you mean Bevel Gears, they should work. i have several models that use them with varying degrees of success.

Spur Gears and Pinions still work Fine and you should not suffer too many Glitches with these. But most combinations have to be constructed manually, although some 2D/3D Hybrids DO work, depending what you need.

Worm Gears are Ok, but can't speak from a great deal of experience.

Chain and Spockets, Hhhmmmm, never had much luck with these, but you never know . . . . .

Keep posting so that it keeps the thread active and attracts attention.


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