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tempview sheets?

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VW Architect 9.5.1 Windows 2000After working for a while on drawings originally created on VW 8.5.2 (on a Mac too!)I get these extra sheets : "tempview" which are copies of existing sheets.

9.5.1 is smooth but we really need to fix the following problems:conversion from 8.5 to 9.5 and relative problems:Sheets (see above)

Classes (see my previous classes submenus disappearing post; big problem to be fixed asap)

Classes (classes taking names of window records and symbols and other strange names).

Doors : using previous door symbols and referencing the plan, somehow and only sometimes will get the doors in the receiving file to disappear. Replacing the original symbol with the new one, will fix the problem.(Classes have nothing to do with the problem)Yes I updated to V2 object.

Printing pattern: if you use a colored pattern you might get (on the HP Plotter driver 4.4)a total different color. Checking the print pattern at screen resolution fixes the problem sometimes and sometimes doesn't, even on the same identical file. Going to solid color will fix theproblem for sure.

Printing Pattern with the latest HP driver 4.6. It would be great if pattern wouldn't print solid black.

Stuff to work on very quickly with a patch or something

Thank you.

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