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duplicate items

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I found that if you select all the duplicates of one particular polygon and add them (from the modify menu) that combines them to 1 polygon.

The other option is if you had imported the file from DWG and that it inherently had duplicates in DWG, go back to AutoCAD and 'Overkill' it there first. Type in 'Overkill' and select all objects and leave default check boxes checked.

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I like the sound of this OVERKILL command. One of the problems of BIM data is the issue of hidden duplicates, so VW will need this feature going forward.

Only yesterday I needed to count the parking spaces on a large housing site - 470 spaces is a lot to count manually, but I did it with a print out and a highlighter pen. I can't trust the Report data from Vectorworks because it's so easy to have two parking space symbols sat on top of each other and not be seen. As it happens, the report differed by one from my manual count of 470 so it wasn't bad...

Has anybody wishlisted this feature?

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