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Windows 2000 help

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I installed this on a multi-user windows 2000 professional computer, which connects to a domain controller. Problem is, each user who openes minicad 7 get's prompted to insert the serial number, and most of these users are pretty locked down, due to permissions, and stuff like that. Even if they enter in the serial, it rejects it.

Is there any work arounds, or fixes to this?

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We are on a Mac Network via a hub with VW (multi seat license) installed at each station - with that you can disconnect yourself from the network temporarily, either reconnecting once VW is open, or after you finish using it. cool.gif" border="0

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MC 7 is looking in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Graphsoft\MiniCAD 7\Registration" for a key named "Serial Number 1" (REG_SZ) and a key named "Serial Number Count" (REG_DWORD). I would try to manually add your serial number to the registry and see if it takes. Put in the serial number for "Serial Number 1" and set "Serial Number Count" to a value of 1.

Of course this will only work if your serial number is valid. If you are getting an error saying that the number isn?t, call our customer service department, and we will attempt to look up your original number.

Since the serial number is stored in the Local Machine settings, you should be able to run MC7 as a local administrator once, and then have that number work for any less privileged users.

Matthew GiampapaNemetschek Technical Support

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This problem is still occuring. It will work fine with anybody that has power users or higher access, but for standard domain users, this will not work. Is there anything else I can try?

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