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Issues with CreateExtrudeAlongPath & CreateTaperedExtrude functions

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When using CreateExtrudeAlongPath & CreateTaperedExtrude in stripts, it creates a bunch of NURBS Surfaces objects instead of creating "Extrude Along Path" or "Tapered Extrude" objects.

The geometry is correct, but it makes it unusable because I would like to subtract the created object to another extrude using the SubtractSolid function:

FUNCTION SubtractSolid(obj1 :HANDLE; obj2 :HANDLE; VAR newSolid :HANDLE) :INTEGER;

Is this a Bug or Am i doing something wrong?


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Ok I thing I understand now:

The Extrude Along path and the Tapered Extrude are like PIO and not like build in objects. So we need to use CREATECUSTOMOBJECTPATH('Extrude Along Path', the3Dpath, theProfile) to create them.

On the other hand, the function SubtractSolid does not accept handle to PIO as argument.

Is that correct??

Doest is mean that it is impossible to subtract those kinds of extrude from a 'normal' extrude in a script??

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When you use CreateExtrudeAlongPath or CreateTaperedExtrude, what happens when you select all those NURBS and combine them with Add to Solid (or whatever it's called in English, it's under the Model menu)? Normally you can then subtract that from an extrude.

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When I 'Add solids' all the nurbs together, I get a solid that I can use to subtract. I works just fine when I do it with the menu commands.

However, I could not make it work within a script yet. My problem is that I don't have the handle to the different nurbs.


Thanks for the clarification,

If someone finds a way to add successfully the different Nurbs together in one solid, that would maybe solves our problems

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I think you have:

theCornice := CREATEEXTRUDEALONGPATH(h1, theProfile); 
tempHd := FIN3D(theCornice); 	

Wel, I does't work for me :

Warning: TESTXDR THECORNICE - Object handle is not to a 3D object.

Seconds to Execute:     0.03

Actually, the function CREATEEXTRUDEALONGPATH assign the handle of one of then NURBS surfaces to theCornice and not some 3D object composed with all the NURNS ...

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Guest Mark Flamer

Has anyone had any luck with this situation? I have tried "DoMenuTextByName-Stitch&Trim", "AddSolids" and many other extreme measures to get a proper boolean-able solid from ExtrudeAlongPath from within a PIO, and no luck. Can someone with the wisdom we need chime in here and explain if this is possible and if so, how? Thanks.

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