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I need to calculate the lineal feet of 2x8 needed to box frame the windows and doors in the exterior walls for a residential project. I was thinking of using the difference between the gross & net areas of the exterior walls and somehow manipulating it to produce a rough but adequate figure. Otherwise, is there window and door data I can use in a worksheet to accomplish this?

Please don't suggest I use VW's framing tool.

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Could you use the Rough Opening Height and Width? Windows would be 2x R.O. Width + 2x R/O Height, Doors would be 1x R.O. Width + 2x R.O. Height. You may need to class the doors and windows so that you are sure you're getting the proper ones, (i.e. exterior doors)

Hope that helps?

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Tobias, thanks. It occured to me that I already have a window schedule so why not try to access the data you recommended. I discovered that you can access data from one worksheet into another. You can access both the width and height (2 columns) into a single column and add them together. Add a multiplier to the formula and you have your 2x8 linear data.

The door data, like you said, is a problem because it access's all of the doors, not just the exterior ones. I didn't want to mess around with multiple classes so I manually added the data and entered it into the worksheet. Not much work as there are a lot fewer exterior doors than windows in residential construction.

Now it's on to roof data.

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