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I am making object libraries of our misc symbols. for example I have a file with 100 different bearings all symbols named so that they are arranged neatly in the object browser. This works great. Now, we use a "bubble" with a materails list record formate attached to call up all the items on our drawings. I would like to put some of these bubbles in my libraries already filled in so that when I select a bearing I can also grab the appropriate bubble... so I made bubbles into symbols with the appropriate info.... when I put the bubbles into my drawings I usually have to scale them so that they are the same size on the whole drawing regardless of the layer scale.... when you "convert to group" a symbol with a record attached you loose the record.... Is there any way to either scale an instance of a symbol (something for the wish list... I'd kiss someone for that!) or someway to not loose the record attached to a symbole when it is converted to a group??? PS for some reason some of my "old" (created in V8 or earlier) symbol bubbles do not loose the record

ps2 I am just started using VW9.5 have been using VW & MC for 7 yrs.

(Yes this is a duplicate post from "Tech notes") confused.gif" border="0

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I just made a bubble, attached a record, added a locus, selected locus and bubble, chose create symbol, chose symbol option convert to group, then hit ok and inserted the symbol. This seemed to work. I think it's only when there is only one object in the symbol that you have the problem.

We asked our users a while ago if they wanted scale-independent symbols and the consensus was "no", because symbols are meant to represent real world dimensions. What would you like to use them for?

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