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Dieter @ DWorks

Building SDK tools in other .net languages.

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Is there a way to build tools in for example C# instead of C++? The only reason that I never used the SDK is because of C++. Maybe not a direct way, but some way I can write in C# and have a template in C++ that I only have to write once?

From what I have seen in .net, it should be possible because they all use the same libraries.

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Guest Mark Flamer

If you find a way, I would also be very interested. My languge of choice is C#. This has been one of my deterrants from dedicating much time to getting going with the SDK. We would have to set up "wrappers" to call the unmanaged C++ functions. I think it could be done, but would not be a trival task.

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Technically, it is possible. If you want Win only plug-in it much easier because you can mix .NET and C++ in the same plug-in. But, still you have to do a lot of work.

On Mac Mono is working great. I've testing it and it's working perfectly. Actually, you can compile with the VisualStudio and Mono will still run it without problems.

The Vectorworks 2011 module plug-ins (http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php?title=SDK) are designed to start solving the problem of calling .NET and C++. Also, VCOM system can be used to automate the calls between C++ and .NET

Unfortunately, VectorWorks .NET plug-ins are in the future.

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