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Basic shape problem

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I'm have problem creating what should be a simble shape!

What the end shape is a round pad with a button in the middle,

and it pulling the pad in at the center that given me the problem.

1. I start by making a 60"circle and extrude 4"

2. then fillet the surface 1/2" with the (fillet tool) to give the pull of the fabric at the edge of the foam

3. This is the step were I can't seem to progress.

Do I convert the object to a Nurb to modify the top surface?

Seems I should be able to take a vertex at the center of the

and move it down in the Z direction! Have moved the working

surface still can't seem to find a way to control the center of

the surface.

Maybe I need to approach it as a sweep extrude?

Also would sweeping a curve be the best approach

for making the button?

Any help is appreciated.

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I think sweeping a polyline would be the best solution for representing a round cushion with a button in the middle. I try to avoid "pushing/pulling" verticies if I can. If the cross-section is consistent around the sweep, then you should be able to represent the curved edge (fabric pull-down over foam) by drawing it in section. You can also do a sweep for the button.

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Thanks Tom, I ended up doing a sweep from a poly line and it worked out about the same. I'm trying to start all drawings as

3D objects, because of the ability to see all the diferent perspectives. Generally I extrude polylines or sweep, add or subtract solids, but haven't found a "rule of thumb" as to when or why to change to nurbs or meshs to complete an object.

I would of thought that once I changed the above shape to a nurb I should have been able to select the center vertex and

and weight it in towards the center! I guess pushing and pulling

on vertices and edges is a little organic for what VW's 3D tools

can do at this time?

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