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2D graphic secrets

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does anyone know how the 2D plant graphics function works in relation to the "edit plant definition" dialog box ? I tried to make my own 2D symbols, and when using the 2D render settings, I can't figure out how to control the outlines (select from 'none' or 'one outline' or 'two outlines'). It is a secret, I guess, since it isn't in the manuals. I think it has something to do with the class assignments for each portion of the graphic, and maybe with the fill. One example .... my 2D tree outline had many vertices, and when I rendered it using the "enable 2D rendering" mode in the OIP, the outline was a highly aggitated squiggly line, much like you can get with the plant outline or vegetative outline. I could not control the amount of "squiggle". Another example... the fills of trees, when colored, sometimes disappear when the document preference "use only black and white" is selected, and other times the color shows up when the "black and white only" preference is checked. I'm puzzled.

thanks for any help ....

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The outlining is around the bottom most object in the 2d plant. If it is going around the wrong 'outline' then edit the plant object 2d, select the correct 'outline' and send to back. It is not related to class.

The degree of squiggles is not user controllable but seems to relate to the number and position of vertices on the bottom most object.

Black and white only will remove all colour fills but, will not remove gradient fills. This may be the problem you are experiencing.

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