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Export image - no colours?

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When trying to export an image file from VW 8.5.2, first I of course got these 'not enought memory' messages. Increasing memory allocation & reducing image size (below useful) finally helped - but the images exported don't have colours. PhotoShop interprets them to be in 'RGB colour' mode and the size also reflects this, but colours are entirely missing.

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While this particular problem have never occured I often have difficulty exporting image files from VW 8.5.2 especially TIFF and JPEG. EPS is more reliable.

With the bitmap formats huge amounts of memory seem to be necessary (perhaps 10 times the VW file size and the image file size). Even with that images are sometimes scrambled or have very large extents that do not seem to relate to the page position or the objects in the drawing.

I did find upgrading to Quicktime 5 seemed to address some of the problems.



Colman Stephenson

Julian Harrap Architects, UK

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