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VW 2008 Program freezes randomly

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When working on any file in VW 2008, it freezes randomly when picking an object. I have to shut down computer and restart. This is a new computer and the program was a clean install before and anti-virus was installed. SP 3 is updated. Brand new 2700M. (Nvidia

doesn't list a driver for 2700M ...hmmmmm???) What is going on?

Vector Works 2008 SP3

Windows XP Pro


Intel ® Core 2 Duo CPU

2.99 GB RAM

Wacom Intuos 2 Tablet

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VectorWorks 2008 SP3 and PandaSoft Global Protection 2009 (anti-virus and firewall) not compatible.

Windows XP Home

VectorWorks 10.1 works with PandaSoft Global Protection 2009

My suspicion is when VectorWorks 2008 goes to check the license, it does so by checking the ethernet port. My internet connection is though my Ethernet port and ADSL modem. Pandasoft firewall and anti-virus program does not allow this to happen, hence VectorWorks is shutdown during its' startup sequence.

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I've check for updated driver from HP/Nviadia and had HP update Bios. Still no luck. I am using a Wacom tablet and it often seems that when picking an object it doesn't like my hand movement (like it may be double clicking) and then if freezes. I have to hit the power switch to turn off and reboot. I've even download updated Wacom driver. Does anyone else using a tablet have this problem?

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I believe the 2700M is a Quadro, not a GF (GeForce). It's sometimes best to go to the computer manufacturer's site for updated drivers, especially if it's a laptop (which I would assume it is).

I would try and go through a process of elimination - one step at a time. Disconnect the wacom - does VW have the same crash with the mouse or touchpad? With the wacom connected, try disabling the touchpad, see if that makes a difference. If not, try disabling other running programs (like the AV) one at a time.

Often with laptops, the manufacturers will have a fair amount of "extras" installed, and any of those might be creating a conflict.

It may also be a matter of playing with the sensitivity settings in the wacom control panel.

Maybe have a look at wacom's site, if they have a forum, or try googling wacom and whatever touchpad is built into your machine - my guess is that is where the conflict may be

Good luck

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My PC colleague had similar problems with VW2009 (constant freezing) and Ozcad had the following advice which fixed the problem:

"When something suddenly changes in the way Vw is operating, it is

usually due to either a corrupt file (if it only occurs in one file)

or with a stored setting or preference. Assuming the latter, try

these things in this order:

1. Hit the Reset button in Vectorworks Preferences (Tools

menu/Options). Try running Vw for a while to see if that has fixed

it. If not...

2. Go to Vectorworks Preferences, click the User Folders tab, then

click the Explore button in the top right of the dialogue. This will

reveal the user folder. With this folder still open, return to Vw and

quit. Back in the user folder, rename the folder called "Settings" to

"Settings Old" then try running Vw for a while to see if that has

fixed it. If so, you can delete the "Settings Old" folder."

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