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moving page problem

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I tried the list but there wasn't an answer.

This has happened :

I didn't close a group and moved the page .

everyhing on the drawing has disappeared and I don't find the way to come back.

Now, stupidly, I saved the drawing. Its size is OK, but there's nothing in.

(It's minicad 7)

Thank you for an answer

Francesco Bellazecca

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First, check to see if you deleted the elements of your drawing by going to the "About MiniCad" command on the apple menu (if you are using a mac - I don't know about the PC version). That give you a count on how many items are on that layer and how many items are in the file. If there's still something in the file and on the active layer I suggest that you do a "select all" and then "group." Then look in the object info pallette to see what the center coordinate of the group is. You can then change it to something that will appear on the page.

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