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Thanks To Nemetschek!

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Ok, I would like to thank Mike & Deirdre Pacylowski and the rest of the Nemetschek crew for getting my office VectorWorks Architect 9 in a timely manner, i.e. overnight after I found that I didn't get it as ordered. As far as my comments concerning the German connection, i.e., "Ve vill do vat ve like it & you vill like it", the Diehl Graphsoft (now Nemetschek) crew has always been very good to work with and considerate. This was all in good fun and I hope was taken as such. I know that the Nemetschek crew was very concerned about my email to the Forum and were actually passing it around the office. This just shows how concerned they really are with our satisfaction with the product. Just remember that we should all thank the CAD Gods that we don't have AutoCad or such ilk! I know that my wallet would be a lot lighter, the assistance would not be as personable and the technical support would be no where as personal and attentive. Ok, enough of this, I don't want them to get too big of egos-after all we do need to keep them in line! Thanks again!!

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I received my VWA9 and RW9 upgrade in my New York addresses but when I came to my office in Turkey Istanbul I have found out that WVA9 CD-ROM does not work.

I have tried in several PC to check but This CD ROM not okay.

Therefore I will post it to you and I would like to receive the new WVA9 upgrade CD -ROM for windows to be sent to my addresses in Turkey.

I will sent it to 7150 Riverwood Drive

Columbia MD 21046 USA

Is this okay?

I hope I can start using it in short time .

VWA9upgrade CD-ROM WHICH IS NOT WORKING= ****-*****

My addresses

Yazmaci Tahir sok.

48/3 a Blok Bostanci Istanbul Turkey

E-Mail: oscm@escortnet.com - oscm1@netscape.net

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