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Worksheets: Area Command

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I have a question as to the "area" function of worksheets. What I'm wanting to do is to is acquire the area of pre-selected rectangles and have those values automatically inputed into a worksheet. Does the "area" function cover such a thing?

The application is where we have a table made up of various rooms' square footages. Presently we manually check each polygon, write down the area value, then re-input that number into a worksheet. Ideally when we change the area of the polygon, the new area is brought into the worksheet.

I tried using the "area" function but I'm not sure how to (or if its possible) to link that function to specific polygons or rectangles.




Fred Besancon


B l a c k b i r d

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Yes you can do this with a database set up in a worksheet. There may be other ways, but one way is to give each rectangle a name with a common theme, such rect1, rect2, etc.or room1 etc. or roomkit, roombed1, etc. You get the idea. Then in a worksheet, set up a database row. When asked for the criteria of objects to include, set it for name contains 'rect' or whatever. Then in the first column put =N to get the name, in the second column =Area to get the area. Anytime you change a rectangle or add a new one, choose recalculate in the worksheet menu.

See the manual on workseets and databases for more info.


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