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Renderworks produces rather basic renderings when compared to higher end rendering softwares (lighting - shadow, textures, 3 d shapes quality, etc, etc.), plus it takes FOREVER when you put more than a few (five?) light sources, I have never even ventured into radiosity... since some of my Custom Renderworks take over 12 hrs... I know about cutting down light sources, and other ways to simplify rendering, but some of the renderings are intrincicly complicated (ie: not a shoe box with one light source). I have been a user for over 18 years and have latest VW

version and high end computer (Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 Ghz, 2.75 GB Ram), and I am now interested in getting better renderings. So what are the suggestions, Cinema 4D? What is the latest in VW / Maxon plug in? Just visited Maxon site and there's NO mention of VW workflow (although they have a demo video for Archicad and Allplan...) Also, since Nemetschek now owns Maxon, can we expect some technology transfers and SERIOUS improvements to Renderworks?

Interested in what other VW users opinions and expectations on this subject.



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You may take a stab at searching the forums, as there have been several indepth threads weighing the pros and cons of different rendering platforms.

Personally I use VW with Cinema constantly and am very happy with the work flow (scenic design for corporate events). Cinema has a unique interface that takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get it, IMHO it totally rocks. Fantastic lighting control, and super fast renderer.

Good luck, and feel free to ask specifics

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That would be "in my honest opinion"

Have a look at maxon.net. They offer a number of packages, the base package being 895, and the VW plug 95. Not knowing your industry, they have a new Archtechtural package as well. I use the base package and it has been fine for me. There is a thriving C4D community out there, with lots of great plug ins, tutorials and resources avaiable.

You can download the demo there as well, and although there is no demo for the VW plugin, you could export dwg or 3ds to at least get a feel for it.

The plugin allows for easier updating of your models from VW. Note that it is a one way street though. i.e. all modelling is done in VW, and lighting and rendering in C4D.

The unique thing about C4D is it's use of "tags". Other packages I had used in the past had always bound the texture to the model. C4D connects attributes by dropping a tag on an object, and the tag controls scaling and wrapping attributes; i.e. you could have one wood texture, and have it spherically mapped on one object and cubically on another. Then, should you change your mind and want to use maple rather than oak, updating the one material would then update every object it's assigned to via it's tag.

The lighting controls are also fantasic. One of my favorite being (although it is so completely a cheat) is the ability to exclude objects from any given light (or to include only certain objects). It's a huge time saver for the work I do.

I know Christiaan here is a user of Artlantis, which has a tight interface with VW, and it sounds like a good package so that may be worth a look as well. At the time I bought into C4D, Artlantis didn't have everything I was looking for but it has come a long way.

HTH (hope this helps)

thx David for your response, what is IMHO?

about how much is Cinema, and what modules do you use?

I assume you've got the latest plug in?

How about training info, manuals, etc... how did you handle that "unique interface"?

Carlos Palmer

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