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Screen Blinks

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VW2008, SP3 on Win XP

Since I updated to SP3, I have noticed that the screen blinks from time to time. It doesn't seem to hurt anything, but it is disconcerting.

It looks like a quick eyeblink, probably due to a random screen redraw. Sometimes it blinks several times in a row. This is different from the blue title bar blinking, and docking the OIP has no effect. It happens in a new empty drawing with no other activity going on. Vectorcache, Hardware Acceleration, and GDI are turned off. It happens with different workspaces. Only the drawing area blinks. Toolbars and Palettes on the second display are not affected.

Is this a new feature to keep us awake? For the susceptible, it might cause mini-seizures. Am I the only one whose drawing is winking???

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