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Callout tool problems

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The callout tool is giving us fits.

1. With the callout tool setup we entered in shoulder dim. of 1' so that all callouts would have a shoulder length of 12" at 1/4" inch scale. The idea is to have a short shoulder.

When we place a callout the shoulder is a scale 12' long at 1/4" scale and 144" (12') at 1:1 scale. No matter what scale this "default" we set is always far longer than what we wanted.

If we do 1/4" in the setup we get an invisible shoulder at 1/4" scale and a full 1/4" at 1:1 scale and proportionally for all other scales.

Net result we lose a lot of time re-inputting shoulder lengths for callouts.

Our current work around is to create a callout, set the shoulder length to the proportional length that we want for the view, then copy/duplicate it to create all other callouts in that view. Big nuisance.

We are using VW 2008 Design series for Mac. Yes, we are upgraded to the correct SP1 + SP2 build 83388. Happens on all machines, dual G5, MacBook pro intels 1.66 & 2.4Ghz, max. RAM in each machine.

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