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selecting multiple CV's

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Hi all,

There's a puzzling difference between CV selection for splines and CV selection for surfaces. For surfaces, you can easily select multiple CV's - just drag a marquee and use the SHIFT key to add CV's to the selection. But this doesn't work with curves. You can only select one CV or the complete curve. The obvious question is: why is there a difference? In my mind, it would make perfect sense to be able to select more than one CV from a curve. Anyone?

Thanks in advance,


P.S.: Biplab, yesterday I showed 3DPowerpack to a former PowerAnimator and Maya user. He was quite impressed. Especially the way solids behave was a hit! No better proof for the quality of what you have been doing [smile]

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There are some technical issues to do this for the curves - nevertheless - this is very much in our list.

The technical issue is the fact that a NURBS curve can have several pieces (some linear, some curvy with sharp corners between them). So when you select a bunch of vertices - you are actually reshaping several pieces together which makes the problem a little complicated.

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