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Door schedule won't allow insertion of threshold detail number

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I am having trouble with VW's "automatic" door schedule. The threshold detail field won't allow me to enter a detail number. It only displays a 0. I can enter a detail number in the entry field but nothing changes when I hit enter. I've tried entering the detail number directly into the worksheet and via the door PIO. It seems to work just fine in the PIO but all I get is 0 in the schedule. The head and jamb detail numbers work just fine.

Here's the database entry for that field:


Has anyone else had this problem? Can someone out there help me fix this problem?


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Thanks, Wes. That fixed it.

Weird, though. I didn't enter ThresholdDetail manually; I used the create door schedule routine.

How did you know the correct name for that data field? Is there a list of field names somewhere?

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Hey Bill,

I think I initially just stumbled on it when I was messing around in the VectorScript Plug-In editor (be careful in there...there are surely things you SHOULDN'T change). However, this is where the data can be found for things like that. Funny you mention it because we had a discussion similar to this awhile back, I submitted a bug and THOUGHT it got fixed for the latest build (83388) The "automated" "create door sched." routine pulls its data from within the Scripteditor.

Pat Stanford kindly wrote the Script below that'll reveal the information about any PIO. The said PIO cannot be engaged in a wall...the script is slick...thanks again, Pat!

The attached script will create a worksheet showing both the display names and the record/field name needed to paste into a database header row in a worksheet. The created worksheet will be named with the name of the PIO and the date/time it was created (this is so I don't confuse myself if I am creating new PIOs). The Record.Field are enclosed in single quotes so you can just copy and paste the entire field without having to worry about spaces in the names.

Please use as you see fit.


Procedure GetPIORecordFields;

{Creates a worksheet showing the display and field names}

{for the first selected object on the active layer}

{Useful for determining the record.field names required}

{for use in a worksheet.}

{January 30, 2008}

{? 2008, Coviana, Inc - Pat Stanford pat@coviana.com}

{Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License}

Var H1 ,H2 :Handle;

S1,S2,S3,S4 :String;

N1,N2 :Integer;

WSH :Handle;

B1 :Boolean;



H2:=GetRecord(H1,1); {get a handle to the first record}

If H2 <> Nil then

Begin {If a record exists then create worksheet}





WSH:=CreateWS(Concat(S1,' ',Date(2,1)),N1+2,2);




SetWSCellFormula(WSH,1,1,1,1,Concat('Parameter Fields for PIO: ',S1));

SetWSCellFormula(WSH,3,1,3,1,'Display Name');

SetWSCellFormula(WSH,3,2,3,2,'Cell Formula');

While N2<=N1 Do

Begin {populate the worksheet with all the fields}













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