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DWG export: internal error ocurred

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VW2008 in Windows XP

I tried to export some files to DWG for the first time in VW08. Each time the operation would halt and the tool palettes would empty. I replaced the WorkSpace backup file several times, which restored the palettes, but didn't fix the crash. I have tried various export options including DXF.

In Windows Event Viewer under Applications, I found over a hundred error messages within two minutes. the message was apparently generated by my video graphics card. I recently replaced the video card, because VW was locking up and crashing a lot with the old one. Apparently, VW still doesn't play well with ATI or nVIDIA CAD graphics cards.

The messsage doesn't make any sense to me, so I'm hoping some of the techies here can figure out what went wrong. In VW the error message was: "an internal error ocurred". Not very informative. In Event Viewer the video card message said: "shared heap exhausted or damaged. Local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer". I'm not on a network and I don't have a server, so this doesn't make any sense to me. Does VW use "shared heaps" in shared memory?

Over a hundred red ERROR symbols sounds like a serious problem, and I'd like to know what it is. Meanwhile, I am unable to export to DWG from VW08, and I can't go back to VW12, because I'm using design layer viewports. So I'm stuck with a due date and spinning wheels. Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated.

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I put the two files on a CD and carried them to a new iMac machine. One file would open in VW2008, but after export to DWG 2006, the X-ref'd viewport data was missing. Only the added linework on the design layer was displayed. Doesn't VW embed the Xref data into the file upon export to DWG?

The other file from the same job, would not open on the Mac. the rotating rainbow displayed until we had to force quit.

My question now is this: If I export the VW08 files back to VW12 (so I can export DWGs), what will happen to the Design Layer viewports and Xrefs?

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I've responded to the first post at the other location this was posted.

In general, avoid double posting. Chances are posts will be responded to without double posting.

As for the workgroup reference, it depends on how the reference was set up. Did you set it up using as Absolute Path or Relative path?

Unless you tell VW to "Save referenced data to cache," the data is not written to the file - only the link is generated.

If you copy the one file to another computer without its referenced file, and the workgroup reference is set up as an Absolute path, then VW will not display the reference information.

You don't have xref's with VW - you have referenced layers, in essence Design Layer Viewports. They are not translated back to VW 12 or earlier.

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