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help on "filleting" nurbs curves

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Hi all,

I'm tracing the frame of a chair right now, but I've got problems with connecting the different straight parts AND applying a fillet.

Take a look at what I want to achieve at the following URL:

NURBS curve "fillet"

Right now I'm drawing the straight parts, and positioning arcs in between them, but that's a hell of a job. Is there any other way - some kind of filleting of NURBS curves? Something similar to Studio Tools' Blend curve?

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Thanks Biblap, I was aware of that, but as you said: no radius. I can solve it with adding extra CV's, but I need to be able to position them on the correct distance from the corner CV. Right now I can only add the by hand, or by using cooridnates. Is there some kind of hidden trick to insert CV's using a distance from another CV?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Well, Add Vertex from the Object Info Pallette would allow you to add a vertex in the middle of the current vertex and the next vertex. But then you would still need to change the coordinates in mist cases I would think.

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