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Quantifying symbols in drawing

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Paul- there is a simple way to do this with worksheets, although it will seem as if there are a number of steps involved if you have not done it before - but once you are familiar with the process, it will take under a minute to do.

First, Create a Worksheet by going to the Resources palette & clicking the New button. Select Worksheet for resource type. A Create Worksheet dialog box opens for you to enter a name - give it a name - all you really need is 1 row and 1 column. When the actual worksheet opens, click in the cell & type in the = (equals sign) in the Worksheet Entry dialog box that opens. Then 2 steps left - In the upper left of the worksheet, press on the downwards pointing arrow to Paste Function - in the Select Function dialog box that opens, select Count & Done. Then press the arrow again, this time down to Paste Criteria & you get the criteria dialog box. On the left side press/drag to Symbol & then when you click the button on the right side all of the symbols will be listed in the file - just click the desired symbol & OK. The formula will be created in the Worksheet Entry dialog box - just click the green checkbox next to the formula & the formula will be entered with the correct number shown in the worksheet itself. If you add or subtract symbols, you will need to press on the arrow in the worksheet down to Recalculate.

This will count all of a specified symbol in your drawing whether visible or not & whether it is within the printable boundary or not - so be careful of placing unwanted instances of symbols since they will be counted.


Janis Kent, AIA

author WorksTutorial & WorksManual

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