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extrude along path question


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I need to create a recessed rim, beaded gasket, and mating surface inside a small instrument case. I have tried using the extrude along path command, following a NURBS curve for the path and selecting all three objects to extrude so I maintain a precise relationship between them. Unfortunately I seem to have trouble separating the objects after the extrude- I need to combine each with a different solid, and when I ungroup, they separate into (many) individual NURBS surfaces, not into the shapes defied by the original extrude objects.

My questions are:

1) Is it possible to define the precise point on an object that follows the path? I don't see any reference in the manual, but the path appears to track the object center. If I could define a point that that followed the extrude path I could treat the objects separately and still keep a consistent fit after the extrude.

2) Can I extrude multiple objects along one path and separate them after the extrude?



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