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Drawings into estimates

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I am a draftsman. Not a programmer. I started with mechanical pencils. Now my tool is a mouse. I like to draw. I like to estimate. How do I get VW to put out an estimate as I draw? I've studied the VW manual, I've searched the archives of both DG & at VECTORWORKS-L@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM for simple basic info on how to set-up a worksheet. I am a draftsman. Not a programmer. Must I re-invent the wheel or may I purchase the method/procedures from an individual who is both a draftsman & a programmer. Or is there a recommended manual available that has the ability to simply convey the neccessities needed to create worksheets?

Specifically, I'm having trouble with spreadsheet functions & syntax. I have worked with Excel & Filemaker in the past but VW is stumping me.



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