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STACK LAYERS (Not available) in VW 12

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Why are STACKED LAYERS not available in VW 12 for some users? This was one of the reasons I purchased the upgrade and eventually gave up trying to make it work.

Since I purchased VW12 and upgraded to to12.5, my workspace relentlessly states that Stacked Layers are not available do you still want to save or something like that. Other users have mentioned this same problem and I have not seen a solution as yet.

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Hi Katie. I am not sure that I understand your answer. I originally upgraded from the academic version so I have all the modules. Are you saying that the particularl workspace I am using (customized) includes items that are part of Fundamentals and therefore is not available to a workspace that include Fundamentals features?


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Stack layers is a feature that is only available in the modules higher than Fundamentals.

You can check your modules by going to the VectorWorks preferences - session -serial numbers. It will tell you the enabled products allowed by your serial number.

If your product is licensed as above Fundamentals you will have stack layers functionality, but you may have to switch it on by editing the workspace - just drag the Stack Layers from the view menu list on the left to the view menu on the right (or whereever you want it.

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