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DWG import corrupts Workspace

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VW12.5.1 on Windows XP

Since version 12, I have been having occasional corrupted workspaces. The specific functional problems vary, but here are a few examples: A) Object Info, Tool sets, etc are empty. B) Unable to snap & select classes that are not currently active. C) Quicktime QTR module causes crashes.

The only common denominator between the corrupted files is imported DWG files as background content. Today I imported a file that I had previously created in MCD and then exported to DWG, then re-imported after a consultant had added some work. When I import that DWG file into a new blank MCD document, the toolbars and such become empty. Another MCD file open at the same time also has no tools.

Because corrupted workspaces have been common in VW12, I now keep a backup so I don't have to recreate it from scratch. Am I the only one with similar problems that seem to be caused by imported DWG files?

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