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Door Schedule labels

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I'm assigning the door's numbers by checking the "on schedule" box in Object info. Is it possible to reduce the text size that shows up on the door or its position? When I enter a different label size on object info pallette, nothing happens (though the numerical value changes as I have entered it).





Renderworks, Architect

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If you select the door then change the font size with the text menu pull-down rather than the object info box it should work. Copying existing doors in the drawing will retain the text size.

You can move the door number by selecting the grip at the number and dragging.

As far as I could figure, you can't change the rotation of the number other than toggling the keep "ID Horizontal" option. That means you can either keep numbers horizontal or aligned with the wall that the door is in. If you find a way around this, be sure to let me know.

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