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A running list of known bugs...

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I don't think it's practical to keep a running tally of bugs externally.

Bugs are being input, edited, changed, fixed, many times throughout the day.

What may be a bug to one person is not a bug to someone else, and some things considered bugs are infact not bugs but perhaps working as design, and should really be considered wish list items.

It's challenging enough to manage bugs in the database alone. Having a duplicate of the data, especially publically, would be overwhelming.

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Thanks for responding to my post.

Have you read my other post regarding ceiling grids? Does NNA really not keep track of issues to be addressed with their program? If a list does exist, would it really be that difficult to post this information daily or even weekly?

Other CAD programs offer this type of information (ex. if you have "x" installed on your machine "y " might happen and "z" is how you fix/avoid the issue) publicly and it is a valuable resource.

If you consider just my one example of grids and the cumulative time/money required to go back and edit cost estimates of all the users that relied on this tool, I think you would find that posting such a list wouldn't really be impractical.

I am very disappointed with NNA on this issue.

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I think this board has opened discussion on many common, and not so common known issues with the software. The user's listserv is another area of discussion where issues are discussed.

It is simply unrealistic for a software program as large as VW, involving as many OS's as it does as well as languages & countries with different drafting needs, to provide an accurate list of current issues.

While items are being fixed on a daily basis, new features and technologies are also being introduced in current versions of VW, former versions of VW, as well as future versions of VW. Separating out the 3 very different types of issues is not only time consuming, it's impractical too.

As I've said before, what's an issue to one person might not be for another. Not to mention as fast as something may be fixed, it may get broken again, fixed again, broken, fixed ... technology changes ... you may be surprised how many external factors affect one single item in a software program -- even a small program.

If I were a consumer of a product, I personally would rather the labor be spread across accurate reporting and resolution, than to add to the mix someone sitting there all day taking information from one database and posting it somewhere else. With that said, I can see your point and understand your perspective.

On a side note - there is a knowledge base which we try to enter workarounds and known issues as they crop up. Between the knowledge base, this message board, and the user's listserv, the majority of issues impacting workflow are at least noted, if not discussed- sometimes in great detail.

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