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G4 OS9 and Vectorworks

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We've reciently aquired a G4 450 with Os 9

I have found VW to be unstable on this machine

Is anyone else having problems as well

We have several older Macs and some blue and white G'3's but the G4 seems unstable compaired to these older machines


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We tested VectorWorks 8.x on an original G4 with O/S 9.0 and had no problems. Recently, however, we have been getting some calls from new G4 owners regarding problems and we are currently looking into the issue.

Please be as patient as possible, as we are working to find any problem related to this so that it can be remedied as soon as possible.

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I dont know about that.

Vector Works does run and works pretty well.

I'm just finding that It crashes a couple times a day and is querky.

From what I understand the G4's have the new velocity chip which acclerates the processor. Most software manufacturers haven't begun to take advantage of this new technology. I'm hoping with the next sweep of software up-grades, many of my problems will go away. I'm also not sure if my problems are G4 related or OS 9 related. Its hard to tell because you can't load anything earler than OS 9 onto a G4. In fact you can't even boot off a CD with anything earlier than OS9. I tried to use Norton Utilitis off a CD and changed my start up disk to the CD but the G4 skiped the 8.6 system folder on the CD and booted off the hard drive anyway. I'd say just keep in mind that things may not go as smoothly as you'd like for a while.

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