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Older VW file goes HAYWIRE in VW12.5


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I have an older VW file, originally drawing in VW8 or VW9, that I had upgraded to a VW12 file and was using it for reference on a new project. It worked fine in VW 12 but when I opened it in VW 12.5, the drawing went haywire. At a full page view, diagonal lines went off into infinity from the drawing and portions of the drawing were missing. When I zoom in to 100% view, the drawing looks fine however. When I zoom closer, other stray lines appear. Each time I change the zoom, the lines and drawing's appearance change. I cannot select the stray lines. What causes this and how do I fix it? I have other drawings from this same project that work fine but this section drawing does not.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated,


Mac G5 duo 2.3ghz w/4GB ram & MacOS 10.4.7

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