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  1. Yes, that is what happened. The upgrade required that I reset all the preferences and I forgot that I had quartz imaging turned off since I had turned it off for other reasons way back when. Thanks, Sue p.s. I was surprised that I had to reset all the preferences even though it's only an incremental upgrade.
  2. I upgraded to VW12.5.2 from 12.5.1 last Thursday and now all my files take 45 min. to print to our HP800 plotter instead of about 2 min. before. These are not complex files with alot of information in them. What changed in the upgrade to cause this to happen? I'm running Mac OS 10.4.10 (fully up to date) on a Powermac G5 dual 2.3ghz computer. Thanks for any help you can provide. I hate to have to delete the new version and reinstall 12.5.1. Sue
  3. Thanks for the info Marek. I have three follow up questions if you don't mind answering: Does the Cintiq have a fairly quick response to what you draw or is there a lag time between the pen input movement and the screen image? Do you use the Cintiq to draw in Photoshop? Do you like it for that? Is the screen look as sharp and bright as a typical flat panel display to you? They say the screen has a textured finish and I didn't know if that affects the sharpness of the image. Thanks again, Sue MacOS 10.4.8; PowerPC G5 Dual 2.3ghz w/ 4GB ram
  4. Does anyone have experience using VW12 with a Wacom Cintiq Interactive Screen? That's their flat panel display that you can write directly onto with their wireless pen. Does it work well w/ VW? Does it save you time versus using a mouse or a Wacom Intuos tablet and a regular monitor? We're considering trying one for use in our architectural practice and would love any feedback you have. We've only seen them used in a video and never in person so we're a little leary of it till we hear more. Sue MacOS 10.4.8; PowerPC G5 Dual 2.3ghz w/ 4GB ram
  5. When I ran the Update Plugin Command, all the doors and windows basically disappear, leaving only gaps in the walls. There are so many of them, it would take very long to re-enter the attributes of each one to fix this. Is there any chance they can make the old style plug-ins editable like they were in version 11.5? Sue
  6. I have a plan file for a long ongoing project that I converted to VW12 recently (it started in VW8). The windows and doors are not upgraded to the new plug in object style since, when I tried to do that, they all dissappeared. I just noticed that I could no longer edit a "Simple Door 2" to change the opening angle (or anything else). All the features are greyed out in the Object Info palette. I tried deleting that door and putting a new door in the wall but for some reason the door leaf of the new door keeps dissappeared (it's visible for an instant only) and I can not get it to be visible. I checked that door and all it's parts were set to the same class and that the class was on and it was. Now I'm not sure how to proceed to make the door swing change without converting the file back to VW11.5. Any ideas out there? Thanks, Sue PowerMac G5 dual 2.3ghz w/ 4GB ram
  7. I have tracked the problem down to a polyline molding profile that I imported from a manufacturers CAD drawings portfolio. Once I deleted that polyline, the drawing works fine. Why would a polyline work in VW12 and not in VW12.5? Sue
  8. I have an older VW file, originally drawing in VW8 or VW9, that I had upgraded to a VW12 file and was using it for reference on a new project. It worked fine in VW 12 but when I opened it in VW 12.5, the drawing went haywire. At a full page view, diagonal lines went off into infinity from the drawing and portions of the drawing were missing. When I zoom in to 100% view, the drawing looks fine however. When I zoom closer, other stray lines appear. Each time I change the zoom, the lines and drawing's appearance change. I cannot select the stray lines. What causes this and how do I fix it? I have other drawings from this same project that work fine but this section drawing does not. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, Sue Mac G5 duo 2.3ghz w/4GB ram & MacOS 10.4.7
  9. Thanks for the idea. I will ask for that next time so I at least get the survey point info into the document correctly.
  10. My surveyor also resent it with the text exploded which worked. I wish that Vectorworks would find a way in the next update to handle the text associated with 3d symbols in a DXF/DWG file though as there are times when I can't get the file resent easily or quickly.
  11. My surveyor sent me a DWG file which I've imported into VW12 however it does not import the topo line elevation text and all the text associated with the survey points. I see in the VW online manual that Vectorworks deletes text associated with 3d Symbols when translating DWG files. How can I work around this? Is there any setting I can use to preserve the text? Is there a way to have the surveyor prep the file before he emails it so it will work? Thanks, Sue I'm using MacOS10.4, MacG5 2.3mhz duo w/4GB ram
  12. Thanks for your response. The wheel scroll does work on our Logitech mouse but it jumps two screens worth with just the most minute scroll (in Vectorworks 10). This is not changed by the setting I have on the "accelerated scroll" in the Logitech Control Panel, even when it it set to "None" I did reload the Logitech driver, I have version 1.1.1. Does yours do this too? Maybe I have some other conflict I don't know about. I am not an OSX expert by any means. Sue [ 07-13-2003, 08:11 PM: Message edited by: sues ]
  13. We recently upgraded from Mac OS9 to Mac OS10 and from Vectorworks 9.5 to Vectorworks 10.1.2. Now that we have upgraded, the wheel scroll on our Logitech MX500 mouse no longer pans the drawing like it used to. We have the latest mouse driver and have reviewed the issue with the Logitech site. They state that the wheel scroll is implemented by each individual application now in OSX, rather than through the OS. Please implement a wheel scroll function in future upgrades to the software. We found it very usefull. Sue Steeneken
  14. For all those who may have a similar problem, I have stumbled upon a partial cause for the printing resolution problem while on the phone with the HP tech line and also a fix. What seems to be happening is that Vectorworks files created with an earlier version of the program, from an earlier template or else with a different printer driver selected (I don't know which yet) don't allow the HP driver to save the high resolution setting into the file. Creating a new blank document with the HP 1220C printer selected in the Chooser (using the HP Deskjet 3.02 driver) allows you to save a 600 dpi resolution in the Page Setup. This file will print out perfectly at that dpi. You can then paste in the information from the earlier file to solve the problem, it's just a major pain. The good part is that it's not too hard to set up new templates so that the future drawings will print out properly. The tech people asked me to send the bad files to them on disk so that they can test them to see where the problem lies. I'll do that as they may be able to put a fix into future versions of the driver for it. Sue
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