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I am working on a title block for documents. I made the mistake of creating the document at a scale of 1:1. Well, now it needs to be 1/4" = 1'0". When I scale the document down to 1/4" the title block becomes very small. Is there anyway to get this to fit the new scale without having to redo the work?

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which verion are you using

if 11.5 or above

you need to learn about Sheet Layers and Viewports

The title block goes on the sheet layer (which is always 1:1)

and viewports are created for the sheet at whatever scale

you want

advanced properties has scaling of text ....

and if you insert the drawing title as annotation

you get the correct scale of the viewport

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In pre 11 you can move the title block to a new layer (scale 1:1) and scale the layer the other stuff is on to 1/4"=1'. Make sure that when you set the layer scale that the check box - scale text is selected. Leave both layers visible. This will also work in 11 and 12 but isn't quite as elegant or flexable as viewports and sheet layers.

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