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Occasional smart point snapping problems in groups

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From time to time v12 refuses to acknowledge the existance of any smart points on an object (usually a humble line) when trying to move one object's end point on to for example another object's endpoint. Both objects are part of the same group, which is in turn within another group, and both are on the same (active)class. Other people in my office have also experienced this problem. The symptom (bug?) only occurs occasionally, and duplicating and copy and pasting within the group only reproduces the same symptoms. Bizarrely: 1. copy and pasting into a fresh or same drawing outside the group somehow fixes their erratic nature and snapping via smart points is again possible 2. Most objects can snap to a mis-behaving line within the group, but two buggy lines cannot snap to each other (otherwise they would not be buggy right?).

Thoughts anyone?

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