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Gobo/Accessory Plotting

Adam P

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The usual method, or at least how I was taught in drafting class, was to have a "T" symbol on the unit, indicating a template.

There are a couple of ways to do this. Configure each and every lable legend used on the ellipsoidals needing T's to have the Template field checked, then go to Edit Layout and edit the attibute for Template to a simple T, then place it on the unit where you want the T symbol to appear.

It helps if the Lable Legend for the particular unit has that unit symbol chosen as it makes it easier to correctly place the T symbol. As example, my side lights are Altman Shakespeares, while the Pipe Ends are 360Q's, the Box Booms are Altman 4.5" zooms, with Coves as Shake Zooms. Each has a separate lable legend that uses the particular unit symbol (well.... it does now ! after many hrs. of screwing around....)

You can then select those units needing a T symbol and in the Object information pallete type a T in the template field. Or in the Spotlight pallette, use Find and Modify (is that in V9 ?) for Instruments Section that is True, or for instrument type, etc... to have a T symbol in the Temp field.

This doesn't generate the particulars for the assorted templates though. If you want that in the OIP template field for paperwork use, then use a User Field for the T symbol and keep the Template field for the actual gobo make and number.

That's how I do it when importing from Lightwright. I keep the LW template column intact (in LW, for counting purposes) with the actual make and type and use a text field for the T symbol, exporting it to VW and mapping it to the appropriate lable legends as a T symbol that appears on the unit.

You can also generate a T1, T2, T3, as needed, then having a Note on the plot that correlates the T1, as example to a particular gobo make and number for the electricians to put in the appropriate lights


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Trying to get up to speed with Spotlight 9.

I'm trying to indicated on the plot and database worksheets that an instruement has a gobo alloted to it.

As by putting a symbol.... a line in classic drafting.....in the instrument.

How do I do that easily? And can I specify a name for the gobos????


Thanks again,

Adam P

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I just enter the gobo name in the temolate field.My label ledgents for ellipsoidals have the template label inside the unit symbol in a 6-point font, which is readable even in a 3/8" scale (although Rosco keeps adding digits to their pattern numbers, so their getting bigger...)


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I just create a gobo symbol for the different lights that have gobos on a plot (so VW and LW count the gobo holder types correctly), insert the symbol as an accessory into the plot, and enter the gobo number into the template field (once again so VW and LW count the gobos required correctly). Usually my symbols are a circle with one letter inside. For example, my standard Source 4 gobo holder has a 'G' inside the circle, while a Selecon Pacific has a 'P' inside the circle. In the case of Pacifics, you need to be very careful as the wide zoom takes an A size gobo and the narrow zoom takes an M size gobo - so I have to work out a way to differentiate between the two when combining both lights on a plot. Basically, my two rules here are that it has to be clear on the plot and be able to be counted separately by VW or LW.

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