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A book from Islandmon please !



Is there any chance of VectorWorks approaching and commisioning a document by the venerable Islandmon? It would really be excellent to see Islandmon's working methods in practice.

And his methods really are astonishing ? some of the things he does with 'fractals'(?) look like a really great way to produce complex and optimised models very accurately.

Pretty pretty please?

Regards, Guy Dunsterville

PS: so what if he also uses other software like filemaker or the very pricy mathematica, to do his initial calculations ? we're all grown-ups here.

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Guy, I just returned from an excellent weekend of sailing and found this encouraging post. I'm humbled ,indeed...

More to the point ... the vast majority of the fractals were created exclusively with VW. The exercise is to use a single 3D shape and then allow it to create more complex 3D structures.

As for models, I've discovered that many of the NURBS problems ( & resulting error messages ) can be avoided by using a single fractal which then may be symbolized into the whole. Recently, this trick allowed the creation of a curved & sloped rock wall which was impossible using standard NURBS procedures.

Honestly, the more I experiment with VW the more amazing it becomes.

Stereo 'cross-eye' Entangled Diatom created with VW


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Hi Guy and Islandmon, I just wanted to say to Islandmon that if writing books isn't your thing, then even a walkthrough for just one of those fractal shapes would be amazing. It would have to be a bit of an idiots guide though, almost every button to click / script to write / curve to draw. Don't know if you could bear that Islandmon, but it might just give the rest of us a way in to something that seems pretty cryptic right now (at least to me).

Regards, Nick.

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Islandmon, your work is astounding indeed though a book might be rather like a cheat sheet in physics class for those of us who may not understand the written instructions either. Said another way, I could read a book on gourmet cooking and still mash up the simplest of meals. I have more confidence in my skills than that but you get my point!

It's my opinion that the most effective way to convey your approaches would be in a video (tutorial) format. You would not need VW's approval as you could set up a webpage requiring small membership fees or the like. You would have over 200,000 potential customers. At $5 each, you could retire from arch and engineering!

Do you have a webpage? Are you familiar with the term and practice of Sacred Geometry?

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Do you have a webpage? Are you familiar with the term and practice of Sacred Geometry?

Please, check out my fractalnet site:

Fractalnet dot org

Yes .. Sacred Geometry is definitely Sacred : )

This was created entirely with VW:

Quantum OctaCoupler

Here's a deep look inside the Quantum Fog:

Quantum Fog Couple

This series was created with Photoshop filters based on the actual entanglements of photons from a parabolic reflector:

Qubit Computations

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Islandmon, fractals require algorithms so I assume you are writing macros in VW to self-generate these forms rather than merely duplicating arrays yes?

Sacred Geometry are forms that harmonize with natural wave harmonics that literally hold fields of energy that are generally healthful if not merely peaceful and relaxing. Most architects are too proud to delve into metaphysics though I love to ask skeptics what causes their heart to beat to name one example....

Much of your work is fractal (self referential) it appears upon first glance though this does not negate using 'sacred' forms as the fundamental tone. Ancients cultures built their temples with these principles.

Thanks for sharing...

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