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Striplights in Key

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I built a striplight out of two sections of strips from the striplight parts folder in VW9.5.2. I convert them to multicurcuits. When I insert my lighting key I get two sections of striplights listed in the key as instruments. Anyone figured out how to avoid this??

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I don't know how to avoid your problem, except to say that I have made up my own 'zipstrip unit' symbol that I use (in combinations) to make up 2,3,4 circuit zipstrips. This also makes transferring to Lightwright easier as there is only one zipstrip instrument type. I also spend a little time these days editing the key to instrumentation once it is created. Given it is a group that can be edited like any other, I usually eliminate the 'have' and 'need' columns (leaving the 'used' column) as most of the venues I put shows into are bare-walls. In your case, you could delete the unwanted zipstrip symbol.

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