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Acrobat PDF Writer and rotated text problems

Chris Dordoni


Hi All,

I'm using Acrobat PDF writer v4.0 (yeah I know it's old) MacOS 9.2.1, and VW 10.1.2.

I have have the following problems with rotated text:

1) The characters are broken apart and skewed from the angle that they should be on

2) Checking the "disable driver" option for rotated text produces a garbled mess.

I did check for other postings with this problem, but did not find any that addressed this specific issue.

I suspect that the old version of PDF Writer may be the problem.


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Do you have the same problem if you print to a postscript file using the LaserWriter 8 drivers and then convert to PDF using Distiller? You should also try previewing the .ps file using MacGhostView (look on www.versiontracker.com) to see if you have the same problem in the raw postscript file.

If you don't have the same problems using Distiller then I would suggest abandoning PDF writer and switching to a Distiller workflow. Having Distiller processing a watched folder can be pretty transparent.

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