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converting to multicircuit


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I'm having problems converting intstruments to multi-circuit in SL10. It is in a drawing that I started in 9.5.3 and converted to 10. The group of 4 lights I select are 'lighting devices' in the object info palette, and their instrument type is 'light', but when I select CONVERT TO MULTICIRCUIT I get an error message saying it can't be converted and for me to convert my lights into lighting devices. I have tried re-converting to lights, and attaching the new light info record with photometrics from SL 10, but it doesn't work.

Any ideas?

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There seems to be a bug with the convert to instrumets and multi cir. that has something to do with the set orgins button. As a work around it was suggested to me to set the origins to drawing center.

That did allow me to convert to inst and muti cir. but occasionally I could not get the orign cross hairs to go away.

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Thanks for your help. I actually dealt with Kevin direct and it turns out that I had to double-click the Instrument Key (to edit the group) and de-select everything, then exit the group. It turns out everything in that group was selected and the convert to multicircuit command was seeing these lights in the key and not converting.

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