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I'm having issues with he InsertVertex() function... it don't seem to respect the values x,y: REAL I pass to the script. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or is a bug...

if someone could draw-select in VW 11 a 3 sided polygon and run this line to see if the new vertex end up in 100, 100... for me is always in 4333.8, 835.8 [Confused]




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Hi Kiwi,

Yes, it works for me. The new vertex appears between the first and second points in the POLY. I ran the following in VW 10.5 without problem. Of course, a Poly must be on the active layer and be the only, or at least the first, selected object.

How are you passing the X and Y values? Are you passing them between procedures as I did below, or are you getting them from outside your program? Interactively? Or from a file?

Try using the debugger or place a Message() statement in your program to see what the values of X & Y are.



procedure xxxx;

procedure ModPoly(H :Handle; X, Y :Real);


InsertVertex(H, X, Y, 2, 0, 0);



ModPoly(FSActLayer, 100, 100);



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I try everything... GRRRRRRR

Is quite a big script, and so far I just develop my how AddVertex() procedure to keep going: read the old one, delete and create the new one... clumsy but I get the results to keep going.

I always check graphical values with Locus(): my BBE glossary templates are full of { locus(MyP.x,MyP.y) } all ready to jump on action.

A slow down on the debugger show the right values, the right position for the vertex... but the redraw is depressing!

I'll try again tomorrow!

Thanks Raymond

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